Center for Food Systems and Sustainability

The people who make up CENFOODS.




College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Benham AbashtAssociate ProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences
FNU AhsanuzzamanPost Doctoral ResearcherApplied Economics & Statistics
Albert ArmstrongFarm ManagerNewark Farm
Susan BartonProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Jules BruckProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Valann BudischakExtension Agent IICooperative Extension
Jeffrey BulerAssociate ProfessorEntomology & Wildlife Ecology
Anastasia ChirnsideAssistant ProfessorEntomology & Wildlife Ecology
Nicole DonofrioProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Emmalea ErnestAssociate ScientistCooperative Extension
Erik ErvinChair and ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Thomas EvansProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Jeffry FuhrmannProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Karen GartleyManager and Program Director, UD Soil Testing ProgramPlant & Soil Sciences
Nancy GregoryExtension Agent IIIPlant & Soil Sciences
Dallas HooverProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences
Mark IsaacsAssociate ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Deb JaisiAssociate ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Yan JinProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Rolf JoergerAssociate ProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences
Gordon JohnsonAssistant ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Kali KnielProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences
Alyssa KoehlerAssistant ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Jarrod MillerAssistant ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Carrie MurphyExtension Agent IIICooperative Extension
David OwensExtension Specialist ICooperative Extension
Leah Palm-ForsterAssistant ProfessorApplied Economics & Statistics
Mark ParcellsProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences
Michael PopovichUD Farm Natural Resource and Fresh to You ManagerNewark Farm
Wei QianAssistant ProfessorApplied Economics & Statistics
Mark RiegerDean and Professor
Plant & Soil Sciences
Michelle RodgersAssociate Dean and Associate ProfessorCANR & Cooperative Extension
Donald SparksUnidel S. Hallock duPont Chair ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Erin SparksAssistant ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Tara TrammellJohn Bartram Assistant Professor of Urban Forestry
Plant & Soil Sciences
Rodrigo VargasAssociate ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Jennifer VolkExtension Specialist IICooperative Extension
Anna WikAssistant ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Randall WisserAssociate ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
K. Eric WommackDeputy Dean and ProfessorPlant & Soil Sciences
Changqing WuAssociate ProfessorAnimal & Food Sciences


College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Clara ChanAssociate ProfessorGeological Sciences
Assistant ProfessorGeography
Holly MichaelUnidel Fraser Russell Career Development Chair in Environment Associate ProfessorGeological Sciences
Pinki MondalAssistant ProfessorGeography
Lindsay NaylorAssistant ProfessorGeography


College of Engineering

Daniel ChaProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering
Michael ChajesProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineer
Yu-Ping ChinProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering
Raul LoboClaire D. LeClaire ProfessorChemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Julie MarescaAssociate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineer


College of Arts and Sciences

Kelly CobbAssistant ProfessorFashion & Apparel Studies
McKay JenkinsCornelius A. Tilghman ProfessorEnglish


College of Education and Human Development

Allison KarpynAssociate ProfessorHuman Development & Family Sciences
Tara TracyResearch CoordinatorCenter for Research in Education & Social Policy


UD Administration and Facilities

Michelle BennettManager, SustainabilitySustainable Energy & Engineering
Anshuman Razdan (AR)Associate Vice President for Research DevelopmentResearch Office

Undergraduate Internships

一道本不卡免费高清CENFOODS will fund approximately 10 undergraduate internship, research, and extension opportunities in Food Systems and Sustainability in 2018-2020.

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Research and extension

一道本不卡免费高清In addition to an internship program, the center integrates research, education, and community outreach.

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