Center for Food Systems and Sustainability

Research and Extension


Congratulations to the 2019 Seed Grant recipients! Work has just begun.


Lead P.I.Project TitleFunded Amount
Dr. Nicole DonofrioEffects of Local Terroir on Hop Quality from Opposite Coasts$12.985
Ms. Karen GartleyUpgrade of Soil Testing Laboratory Instrumentation to Improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Throughput of Samples$30,000
Dr. McKay JenkinsA Master Naturalistic Certification Program for the State of Delaware$40,000
Dr. Gordon JohnsonDeveloping a System for Releasing Lima Bean Cultivars from the University of Delaware Breeding Program$8,740
Dr. Kalmia KnielRepurposing of Poultry Houses for Safe and Sustainable Indoor Vegetable and Herb Production$40,000
Dr. Alyssa KoehlerDeveloping Extension Networks to Identify and Characterize Diaporthe sp. in Mid-Atlantic Soybean Production$29,500
Dr. David OwensPesticide Susceptibility Surveys of Key Arthropod Pests of the Delaware Watermelon Industry$10,502
Dr. Cynthia ParisLab School Greenhouse Sustainability and Community
Engagement Project


Congratulations to the 2018 Seed Grant recipients! Work began in late summer of 2018.

Lead P.I.Project TitleFunded Amount
Dr. Jules BruckDocumenting Coastal Hazards and Sea-Level Rise Impact Statewide$39,960
Dr. Daniel ChaConverting Food Waste to Energy through Sequential Aerobic Digestion$39,997
Dr. McKay JenkinsA Master Naturalistic Certification Program for the State of Delaware$5,000
Dr. Yan JinLeaf Surface Properties and Bacterial Disease Tolerance: Using Lima Bean as a Model$40,633.40
Ms. Anna WikEdible Forest Garden Design, Installation, and Associated Curriculum Development at University of Delaware’s “Children’s Campus”$39,964.90
Dr. Changqing WuConversation of Potato Peel Waste to Value-Added Chemicals$40,000

Undergraduate Internships

CENFOODS will fund approximately 10 undergraduate internship, research, and extension opportunities in Food Systems and Sustainability in 2018-2020.

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Research and extension

In addition to an internship program, the center integrates research, education, and community outreach.

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