In the spirit of inclusive excellence, and to better support the success of all of our students, the University is proud to offer accessibility training and resources to the campus community. We have provided documentation for getting started with accessibility in our How To pages. For additional training we have aquired content from Access University.

Training Webinars

General Training

一道本不卡免费高清Deep dive into success criteria for 508/WCAG. This training will provide attendees with more in-depth and specific information about which criteria must be met, common pitfalls and solutions.

This hands-on, workshop for web developers will cover steps for manual testing, tools you can leverage, and basic remediation topics. You will learn how to leverage several accessibility favlets, automated checkers, built-in browser accessibility tools, and screen readers (the instructor will be using NVDA) to manually test your websites. 

Siteimprove Training

Overview of the entire Siteimprove platform including accessibility testing, quality assurance and search engine optimization. It will include an outline of how to get started with Siteimprove and how to use the basic testing tools:

  • Fix broken links, misspelled words and other critical content issues impacting the experience of your visitors;
  • Filter Accessibility issues and learn where to spot issues found on your pages Generate new policies;
  • and learn how to leverage the Policy Library Log support requests and access Siteimprove's Help Center.

In this Users session, you will learn how to take Siteimprove to the next level by reviewing some advanced features across the Siteimprove Platform. 

Including, but not limited to:

  • Custom report configuration and automated delivery to your team
  • Changes to Siteimprove Accessibility
  • How to address priority Accessibility issues
  • Overview of Policy, and how to configure advanced Policies on your sites